6265 Daytona
6265 Daytona,
Oyster cosmograph
Complete watch or
replacement case available 

  • Case back 6265
  • Body case 6265 after market same specification of Genuine
    fit all genuine parts, full engraving and stamped
  • Screws pushing buttons
  • Dial Paul Newman, black, white with red Daytona
  • Crystal Genuine # 25-21
  • Genuine crown 7 mm # 24-700-0
  • Genuine tube with "O" ring gasket #24-7000
  • Case back gasket
  • Chronograph bridge 5 lines or 2 lines engraving #8500
  • Balance bridge #110A
  • Stud to hold hairspring
  • Train bridge # 122-3E
  • Movement Valjoux 72 conversion, plate block on top engraving
  • Movement plate block bottom engraving
  • Note to all buyers:
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    Jewelryandwatch.com only carry after market replacement spare parts
    same specification or same measurement as original and   any watches 
    we sell are not 100% original. Not Relate to any famous brand name or ROLEX USA

6265 Daytona complete watch

6265 Daytona complete watch
Custom case and custom engraving available
Tube, crown and crystal
Choose your own dial in our dial section
Strap leather band with white gold RLX buckle
Top quality stainless steel grade 316L
Complete modify from Valjoux 72 to caliber 727

Tube 24-7000

High quality, same as original specs.
Tube 24-7000

Same factory specs.
White brass, Chrome plating

Replacement Crown, tube 24-7000

Stainless steel
replacement crown and tube high quality
same factory specs

6263 mark II Screw Pusher

screw pusher button
price for each
  • Available for all model:
  • 6263 Mark I
  • 6263 Mark II



Hands set complete for black sub-dial

Complete hands set 6 pieces

Please choose your option White hands for

black sub-dial or black hands for white sub-dial

Daytona silver dial 6263, 6265

Daytona silver dial
fit valjoux 72 or 727

Daytona hand complete for white sub-dial

This hand fit valjoux 72,
Rolex 727, 722 and 72B

Daytona Case 6265 complete

Chronograph case 6265 complete
After market, same specification of original
Genuine crystal, Tube, crown and screw pusher

Stainless steel Grade 316L
Custom engraving available

Note to buyer:
Custom case with same specification of factory
and we offer with full engraving by your requested

Daytona Black dial 6263, 6265

Daytona black dial
fir Valjoux 72 or 727

Crystal Genuine topic 25-21

JAW.  Crystal Acrylic
Dome Crystal
Dome topical, or regular crystal
Same factory specs guarantee.