This are list people has been Scam and  Fraud
on us if you do business with them please careful
Never take papal on these people.

Ali Mansoury
Flat 133 , Wellington Building
London LO SW1W8SA

He big fraud use photo sell watches to
all over world and get money, he keep change phone number
as soon get money deposit from clients. make sure when you buy
need contact us email by website.


Matthew Estero

Giuseppe Ciancimino

Tel. 239-233-9895

21229 Waymouth Run

Florida 33928

He bought 5512 original movement and after market case.  and has been send many case to engraving

he already know we selling after market case. and try scam me paypal payment

and after 5 month later dispute and claim sell him after market watch and never return

item he bought and 5 cases engraving during 1 years he dispute bla bla and get all my money from paypal back

this is why we never take papal any more.

he is watch dealers but is crook.