Paul Newman

Paul Newman all Daytona models,
After market,  High quality  production

6234 to 6265 Daytona,
High quality refinishing, and custom dial are available

Gold & Black Paul Newman Dial #1PN

 6263-6265 Black and gold dial

#24 Black gold Paul Newman dial
refinished by professional like factory
3 Lines Print high quality

6263-PN9 Gold Paul Newman dial

6263 Gold Paul Newman dial PN9
Crisp Step outer ring edge
3 Lines imprint for model 6263
Fit Valjoux 72 or 727 movement

6265-PN4 Paul Newman white matted dial

Daytona Paul Newman White matted
Black outer ring with out red Daytona

Please choose option if you would like step Outer ring

#4PN 3LN Paul Newman Black outer ring and white dial
High quality imprint

6239-PN-10 Paul Newman Black Cartier

Paul Newman  Cartier PN-10

Special order dial #PN-10

6263-PN4 Paul Newman dial 3 Lines No Daytona

PN4-3L 3 lines print
Paul Newman dial 3 Lines imprint No Daytona

High quality imprint Paul Newman Dial
for Vintage , fit Valjoux 72
727 caliber

6239-PN11 Paul Newman Black dial

PN-11 Paul Newman Dial 2 Lines imprint
with red Daytona and red outer ring

Black Paul Newman dial
red imprint white outer ring

6239-PN8 Paul Newman Black Red outer ring

Paul Newman dial with black red outer ring
Stock # PN8

Paul Newman dial PN-8
Silver matted, Red and black outer ring
black sub-dial 2 lines imprint
fit Valjoux 72 or Rolex 727 caliber

6239-PN1 Gold Paul Newman Dial

Black gold Daytona Paul Newman

2 Lines Gold black Paul Newman
High quality Paul Newman dial black and gold sub-dial

6263-PN4 White matted Black outer ring

4PN-2L 2 Lines print
Paul Newman White and black outer ring
Red Daytona

Fit Valjoux 72,
722, 727

6263-PN12 Daytona Paul Newman dial black

Paul Newman PN-12
Black Dial and white red outer ring

Please choose option

Paul Newman dial #PN-12 ,
3 Lines with red Daytona
Black color, red and black outer ring light cream dial,
Fit Valjoux 72 or Rolex 727 caliber